At FoxVan we are looking to hire personnel passioned about building, interested in working in a creative environment, people who feel a natural attraction for the #vanlife movement.

We are accepting applications for the following positions:
  •  Installation Technician: Sound thermal insulations, Panneling, Flooring, Installation of cabinets, Windows installations, Cargo Racks, etc
  •  Cabinet maker: Building cabinets and custom furniture. Plus if you have experience in RV/Yachting Industry. Plus if you have solid knowledge of operating CNC machines.
  •  Automotive Electrician: Installation of Solar systems, AC/Heaters, Interior Lights, Aux Alternators, etc. Plus if you have RV/Boating experience.
  •  Part-time positions are possibly available.
  •  Apprentice Positions are also a possibility.

Please email your inquiry to